Candlelight (Poem)

Well, it’s time to start filing up that poetry page. Here is a poem I wrote a short while ago, and I think it is the best of my poems. Thoughts and critique are welcomed. 😀


A little bit of candle light
Is like a hope that shines so bright
Always burning, always there,
Don’t blow it out, if you dare.
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A Cover for my WIP

I found making a simple cover for my work in progress (WIP) is easy, fun, and a great way to stay motivated. It’s not the one I shall actually use, of course, but it’s wonderful to look at and feel motivated. It was very easy on CreateSpace, made with cover creator. Yea, it’s not perfect, and I just stuck a excerpt on the back since I don’t have a synopsis (yet), but it was super fun and easy!

The cover I made with CreateSpace. Easy, simple, and amazingly fun!

50 Thousand Words

I know this post is delayed, but oh well… Here it is anyway. =)

I finally got 50k on NaNoWriMo. That is the farthest I have ever got in writing a story. My story isn’t finished yet, but it’s really nice to get that far, and  I really loved the NaNo experience. If you are a new writer and thinking about doing NaNo, DO IT! You’ll still probably get more writing done in a month then you ever would have before. =D