Candlelight (Poem)

Well, it’s time to start filing up that poetry page. Here is a poem I wrote a short while ago, and I think it is the best of my poems. Thoughts and critique are welcomed. 😀


A little bit of candle light
Is like a hope that shines so bright
Always burning, always there,
Don’t blow it out, if you dare.

Feed that hope, with wax and wick,
Don’t let no hope make you sick.
Cling to that small bit of warmth
As you travel to the north.

That hope inside God has given,
Let it grow and keep you driven.
Those who loose it shall not fly,
And will just curl up and die.

Hold it tight, don’t let it go,
And on your journey, seeds you sow,
Of spreading hope to others near
To kindle flames, and hold them dear.

~Azlyn Rose


One thought on “Candlelight (Poem)

  1. mikew92 says:

    Very nice, Az. Thanks for sharing.

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