A Poem for the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s a poem that has been a long time coming. I started writing it in the fall, but only now I finished it a few days ago. I think it fits with the New Year’s theme of January 3. As usually, I welcome thoughts and critique. 😀

Seasons Of The Year

My breath is warm in the autumn air,
I marvel how God made with such care
Seasons that come, flourish, and go,
The passage of time, all will flow.

A time when snow softly starts to fall,
A time for storms to break summer’s lull.
The year rolls around, everything
A time for winter and for spring.

A time when daisies grow, petals white.
The vast flowered beauty, what a sight.
Daffodils growing by the laughing creek,
Playtime in the summer, children do seek.

A time when autumn leaves drift down,
Colors of fall- red, orange, brown.
A frost lays there, sprinkling the ground
Seasons change with nary a sound.

A time when snowflakes, small and frail,
Drift down softly, the world goes pale.
Leafless branches brush the sky,
‘Oh, winter.’ The world does sigh.

A time when white fades away to green,
But hope, it springs more than what is seen.
A young doe walks through a field of flowers
Oh, the magic of spring’s light rain showers.

God created each season vast,
A purpose for each one to last.
Creation changes without a flaw
Seasons go around, we stand in awe.

A time for each season of the year,
Although we may shed many a tear,
Time must pass by, life continues on.
But enjoy each day before it’s gone.

~Azlyn Rose


3 thoughts on “A Poem for the New Year

  1. ZA says:

    Hi Maye. 😀 Like I said on HW, I really like this!
    You have a beautiful talent, and it’s a blessing to see you sharing it.


  2. mikew92 says:

    Very nice, Az. It is indeed very fitting for this time of year.

  3. AzlynRose says:

    @MF- Thank you. I thought so too. 😀

    @Mirza- Aww, thanks so much. I love writing poetry.

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