A Classic Argument With Oneself…

Earlier this evening I had one of those classic arguments with myself in which a few lucky folk in the Holy World’s Chat Room observed.

AzlynRose – *Wants to write more, but should wait*

AzlynRose – *Fingers itch to write more*

AzlynRose – No, No! I should wait! *Writer Az and practical Az argue*

AzlynRose – AHHHH! I want to write moreeeee!

AzlynRose – I should wait until it’s developed more. And finish my other story first.

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True Freedom Logline Picture

I know this blog has been dormant of late, but I’m working to fix that. Busyness can take over at times, but I’ll still try to post as frequently as possible. You can expect posts with more about my writing, some poetry, and possible some theological thoughts soon. 😀

Here is a picture I made with the logline for my novel, True Freedom. (For those who are wondering what a logline is, like I was before I found a thread about them on http://www.holyworlds.org/fantasy , it’s a one-sentence description of your novel.) My logline picture is a wonderful reminder of my WIP, to remember where this story is going in the first place. To remember to work on it. So that I can possibly get it published one day. Yay! See how motivational logline pictures can be? 😉