A Classic Argument With Oneself…

Earlier this evening I had one of those classic arguments with myself in which a few lucky folk in the Holy World’s Chat Room observed.

AzlynRose – *Wants to write more, but should wait*

AzlynRose – *Fingers itch to write more*

AzlynRose – No, No! I should wait! *Writer Az and practical Az argue*

AzlynRose – AHHHH! I want to write moreeeee!

AzlynRose – I should wait until it’s developed more. And finish my other story first.

What was I writing, you ask? Well, this argument with myself was over a story idea I had about a month ago, thought it was epic, then wrote it down and set it aside to develop more before writing and finish True Freedom first. But today I had a good hook sentence idea and randomly wrote more then a hook sentence. Now, I have suppressed the urge enough to stop, partly because I haven’t really figured out what’s going to happen in this scene and because the practical side won out.

But that doesn’t stop me from posting what I do have with said hook sentence, does it? 😉 So here it is. A sneak-peek on my new novel that hardly anyone has seen before, Wind At My Back (Temporary title- But usually for me temporary titles become permanent… We’ll see how that works out).


The parties celebrating the dawn of the new era invoked merrymaking and celebrating in everyone. Everyone but me. A sly smile flicked across my face as I shouldered my small pack began to ease the window open, listening to the sounds of the party downstairs. Laughter rang out. Loud for the orphanage. The window finished opening with a loud screek. I grimaced. Loud enough to cover my tracks.
I glance quickly over the two beds in my room, eyes sweeping over the empty bunks. I wouldn’t miss them. The three girls I shared a room with had not cared a bit about me before; they wouldn’t miss me either. My eyes settled on the clock whose face the thin moonlight touched. 11:47 PM. Perfect.


If you haven’t already guessed, this story was inspired by the wind. 😉 Thoughts are welcomed, as always.


One thought on “A Classic Argument With Oneself…

  1. mikew92 says:

    Interesting…especially the schizophrenic arguing. 😀

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