Confusion May Result

Hopefully no confusion, anyway. We’ll see.

As some of my blog readers know (for some this might be a surprise), Azlyn Rose is merely a pen name. It was the name I chose for myself to represent me as an author. It fit the bill perfectly – practical, easy to remember, and I name I loved.

Now, however, that has changed. My sentimental side won out after several days of agonizing arguing with myself. Going under the name Azlyn Rose was much more practical. But what I wanted was to go under my real name. I wanted to be myself, no other names. So that is what I did. My real name is P. Rose Williams, and that is the name I will hopefully be published under.

I am no longer sure where the name Azlyn Rose fits in, but it is not in my blog. Once this post has been up about a week, I’ll start changing things. My wordpress username will be changed to to fit. The url of this blog will also be changed (I haven’t got it exactly ironed out as to what, but I’m working on it).

When these changes go into effect, I’ll write up another quick post to let you know. I’m hoping no confusion will result, so if you have an questions, go ahead and ask! 😀


One thought on “Confusion May Result

  1. mikew92 says:

    That shouldn’t be terribly confusing. Just take some getting used to.

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