Spring Photography

It’s time I posted some photography. I’m sorry this blog has been so inactive of late – I’m working to post in it more. It’s also because I am having issues changing the URL of this blog to match my new username. Grr! I know you can change it, I just can’t figure out where. 😛

Springtime where I live involves a lot of brown, blue, and snow geese before things turn green. At least that’s the stage it is in right now. There’s also some neat pictures just waiting to be taken of that bright blue sky and brown earth as it begins to wake up. And water as the snow melts. Snow geese are a little harder because they fly up if you get too close, so good pictures are hard without a zoom lens. I’ve included one anyway, the quality just isn’t as good.

Enjoy! 😀

Close-up of a chain.

The curled shadow of a piece of grass on a leaf.

The reflection of branches on water

A beaver has left it's mark on a small tree stump.

Close up of a crumbling brick.

Old grass from last year.

The rope that is part of the pulley system leading to my tree fort.

Yes, I take pictures of mud.

The snow geese! This picture hardly captures a quarter of them, to give you an idea of how many there were.

To God be the glory,


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