Sixteen, So In Love With You – Book Review

This is the first of the occasional book review I will be doing on my blog. The book is Sixteen, So In Love With You, a volume of poetry by Ophelia-Marie Flowers.

Sixteen, So In Love With You, is a collection of simple heartfelt words to bring glory to God’s name. In everything they are meant to reflect what it is to be in love with God.
These poems show His power, patience, kindness, and love, through the eyes of a sixteen year old. They also portray the struggles and questions of growing up and trusting in God’s perfect plan.

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God is Still God

These last couple days have been hard for me. Now, before any of you get concerned, I’m doing fine. Really well, actually. Why, if I just said the last couple days were hard? Because God is Still God.

The following song by Heather Williams made me realize that more then ever. I’ve discovered that for bits here and there in life I will have a “theme song” for whatever is going on at that point. I don’t remember all of the songs, but it’s been things like Amazing Grace, Yes We Can, You Alone Can Rescue, Be Thou My Vision, etc. For the past couple days, my theme song has been God is Still God, the song that I listen to constantly. Continue reading

Spring Contrast Photography

I love spring. It’s my favourite season. Also why you guys are getting more spring photography. This time I’m experimenting with the contrast of different spring colours, just playing around with a camera. And an awesome double-rainbow picture I got. It’s not as good quality or as well composed, but the rainbow is so pretty that I had to share it anyway.

Grass growing on the edge of a cool blue creek.

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Dream of Flying

It looks like you guys are getting two poems in two days. I remembered that I wrote this awhile ago, and didn’t post it. Dream of Flying is the first of my music inspired poetry. I wrote this when I first listened to Brian Crain’s music. What powerful songs. It is more abstract then most of my poems. Anyway, here is it is.

Dream of Flying

I dream of flying way up high,
And soaring through the air and sky.

Reaching out to touch the soft wind,
Forgetting that I ever sinned.

I want to get so far away,
If only that I can just say;

‘Praise the Lord!’ And not be hurled
Back down to this hurt, broken world,

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Through Me

Here is a poem I wrote a little while ago. I hope you enjoy!

Through Me

I wish that I had the words to comfort a million fears,
But I can only do so much, and I cry my own tears.

I need to leave it up to God, put everything in His hand;
If take it on myself, I will scatter like grains of sand.

God must work through me, I can not do it on my own.
I need His strength and comfort when I can only moan.

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Memories of True Freedom

I should have explained this ages ago. I guess I didn’t. 😛 Oh well.

True Freedom is a writing project I have set aside for now. With much headdesking and wanting to pull my hair out, I decided this was best.

Why did I do this? Well, there are several reasons.

1. Major plot issues.
I went into this story hardly knowing where I was going and not knowing very much about story structure. It had more then a few plot issues.
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