Memories of True Freedom

I should have explained this ages ago. I guess I didn’t. 😛 Oh well.

True Freedom is a writing project I have set aside for now. With much headdesking and wanting to pull my hair out, I decided this was best.

Why did I do this? Well, there are several reasons.

1. Major plot issues.
I went into this story hardly knowing where I was going and not knowing very much about story structure. It had more then a few plot issues.

2. My characters were lacking.
I love those characters, and I still do, but they need some things. They need to change. Before, they stayed the same throughout the story.

3. I didn’t know enough to portray the time period accurately.
There are two sides to every story. I realized this when I was writing and researching. I was missing some big details and made a big mess of portraying the slavery era.

4. I wasn’t ready to write it.
Someday I still want to go back to those characters, that time period. But for now, I just need to let it sit. Figure out my own views on the matter before I try to write them.

That is why I have set it aside. As I mentioned in the last reason, I do intend to go back. I only have to do one thing to remember how much I want to go back someday. Listen to this music.

Why that music, you ask? Just listening to it, you probably can’t see the connection between the new-agey but awesome guitar and a historical fiction novel. That’s because there isn’t one. There wasn’t a connection until I made one.

During NaNoWriMo I spend a huge amount of time writing. With those characters, in that place, in that time period. And I listened to that music the entire time. Just those 10 songs. The sound of them brings back instant memories of True Freedom. Within the first ten seconds I am plunged into the world of Abby and Grace.

That music makes me remember how much I love those characters. I’m not going to abandon them permanently. But when I return, a LOT of things will have to change!

~ Rose


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