Dream of Flying

It looks like you guys are getting two poems in two days. I remembered that I wrote this awhile ago, and didn’t post it. Dream of Flying is the first of my music inspired poetry. I wrote this when I first listened to Brian Crain’s music. What powerful songs. It is more abstract then most of my poems. Anyway, here is it is.

Dream of Flying

I dream of flying way up high,
And soaring through the air and sky.

Reaching out to touch the soft wind,
Forgetting that I ever sinned.

I want to get so far away,
If only that I can just say;

‘Praise the Lord!’ And not be hurled
Back down to this hurt, broken world,

Where the noise can make my head hurt,
Though creation plays its concert.

And that is the most wonderful sound,
Never again I’ll run aground.

Instead I can just simply soar,
Lost in the breathtaking adore.

Because then I am with You, God,
And then I am no longer flawed.

By the way the world thinks of me,
But I am more then what they see.

Because when I will be up there,
I’ll simply stand in awe and stare.

At the wonder you created,
And not knowing why I waited,

To run into Your arms and fly,
For up here, I will never die.

Instead I’ll live, and touch the sky,
Not just standing to only sigh.

But change the world, and be a light
By simply spreading wings in flight.



One thought on “Dream of Flying

  1. Hurray! I like two poems in two days- especially ones as pretty as yours!

    Keep being a shining light for Jesus, sister, and writing amazing poems!


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