Spring Contrast Photography

I love spring. It’s my favourite season. Also why you guys are getting more spring photography. This time I’m experimenting with the contrast of different spring colours, just playing around with a camera. And an awesome double-rainbow picture I got. It’s not as good quality or as well composed, but the rainbow is so pretty that I had to share it anyway.

Grass growing on the edge of a cool blue creek.

Reflections are so much fun to take pictures of. =D

Just playing around with colour and contrast.

Because it looked cool. And kind of sci-fi. *Grins*

And the rainbow! The picture didn’t capture it perfectly, but it was the brightest rainbow I have ever seen.



5 thoughts on “Spring Contrast Photography

  1. Jeremiah/Lycanis says:

    Neat pictures, Rose! My favorite one is the first one, and I think the rainbow turned out pretty well (they almost never turn out at all for me)!

  2. I love the rainbow!! Sweet!!

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