God is Still God

These last couple days have been hard for me. Now, before any of you get concerned, I’m doing fine. Really well, actually. Why, if I just said the last couple days were hard? Because God is Still God.

The following song by Heather Williams made me realize that more then ever. I’ve discovered that for bits here and there in life I will have a “theme song” for whatever is going on at that point. I don’t remember all of the songs, but it’s been things like Amazing Grace, Yes We Can, You Alone Can Rescue, Be Thou My Vision, etc. For the past couple days, my theme song has been God is Still God, the song that I listen to constantly.

God has showed me with this song how powerful He truly is. He picks me up when I fall, when I weep He dries my tears. I can look to Him when I’m lost and hurting, and He lifts me up. He never leaves nor forsakes me. That alone is enough to make me shed tears of joy.


4 thoughts on “God is Still God

  1. With that attitude I can see why you would be doing well. 😀 God bless.

  2. Amen, Maye. God is still God. . . That’s one of my favorite songs.

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