Sixteen, So In Love With You – Book Review

This is the first of the occasional book review I will be doing on my blog. The book is Sixteen, So In Love With You, a volume of poetry by Ophelia-Marie Flowers.

Sixteen, So In Love With You, is a collection of simple heartfelt words to bring glory to God’s name. In everything they are meant to reflect what it is to be in love with God.
These poems show His power, patience, kindness, and love, through the eyes of a sixteen year old. They also portray the struggles and questions of growing up and trusting in God’s perfect plan.

This collection of poetry is one that I hold dear. I had the opportunity to read some of the poetry beforehand, test-read, and poke along the way. Ophelia-Marie Flowers captures the essence of the trials and triumphs of real life struggles with heartfelt words. She weaves a picture of God’s love and His perfect plan. Whether in need of encouragement or feeling lost, this book covers a wide range of topics.

Ophelia-Marie Flowers writes in a unique style of both free verse and classic poetry. I have enjoyed browsing through it frequently, and highly recommend this collection of heartfelt words.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

About the Author:
Ophelia-Marie Flowers lives with her family in Michigan. She loves the Lord and desires to serve Him in everything she does. She can usually be found reading, singing, or inevitably writing.

You can view her blog here.



2 thoughts on “Sixteen, So In Love With You – Book Review

  1. *Is startled to see I didn’t leave a comment here* Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Maye for writing this review. 😀

    *Pokes * 😉 Poke, poke. 😉 Will you be posting some of your pretty poetry here again soon?


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