A new novel of mine! I’ve learn so much since I was writing True Freedom back in NaNo of 2011. Writing technique is coming slowly to me, and I’m learning about story structure and other things.

So this novel is one I am going to stick with. I am very much a plot-first writing. I don’t do well with not knowing where I am going or how it’s going to end. I ponder my ideas long before I start, and then I set it down to a detailed plan with a specific ending.

This is what I am doing with this novel. If I know where to go, I can finish it.
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An Interview with J. Grace Pennington

Today we have a very speical post! A friend from Holy Worlds, J. Grace Pennington, published her science-fiction book yesterday! How exciting! Firmament: Radialloy is now live.

And today I am lucky enough to introduce Grace for a short interview here on my blog. I hope y’all will make her feel welcome!

Grace, what is the basic premise of Radialloy?

When a starship doctor suffers inexplicable insanity, his bright daughter races against time as multiple factions chase after a valuable secret she holds–that even she doesn’t know about.

Intriguing. I can’t wait to read it!
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The Time Hath Come

For me to write like crazy! 😀

Now, you’re probably wondering what I am talking about. I’m always writing, just not usually at this pace. That’s because Camp NaNoWriMo has started.

Camp NaNo is just like regular NaNoWriMo – a writing program with the goal of 50,000 words in a month. Usually it takes place in November. But there’s this wonderful thing called Camp NaNo. The same thing, only in June and August. Continue reading