Kitchen Miracles

Once again, I have been gone, which is the lack of posts. This time I was volunteering at RADical Attachment Camp, which is for families with children that have reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Visit the website for more info. These kids find a safe place at the camp where they and their families can heal.

I was blessed to work there as junior staff. I was in the kitchen most of the time, but was still able to see the changes these families went through as they bonded together and were healed.

Speaking of the working in the kitchen, God used the opportunity to teach me more about Him, about how He cares about every little problem we have. By the end of the week, we had seen some small miracles that God did while we were working in the kitchen, making food for everyone. The work in there might not have been as glamorous and noticeable as what the rest of the staff was doing with the families, but it was evident God cared about it just the same.

At the beginning of the week, there was a huge grocery shopping trip to stock the big walk-in fridge. Buying that much food is not cheap. I wasn’t personally on the six-hour shopping trip, but I was told about it. As they were paying for all that food, the price ended up being much less than what the camp director – who has done these huge shopping trips for the camp multiple times before – had been expecting.

How God did that one I cannot even fathom, but it was very much Him at work. It was as if He was smiling at us and giving the camp a boost to start off the week. It turned out that the food from that shopping trip was nearly enough for the entire week of camp, with only a couple more items needed after that.

A couple days later, the breakfast plans were oatmeal. We had fruit along with it, and milk or coffee to drink. As we were almost ready for the meal, the cook tasted the oatmeal, then had everyone else tasted it too. We all agreed it was off, somehow… but how? We didn’t know what could be missed, nor place the strange flavour it had. Without anything else to for breakfast, we gave it to God and served it anyway.

When people had been through the line, the cook and I watched one man carefully who had been delighted to hear that we were serving oatmeal. After a moment of watching, the cook said, “He’s shovelling it back. I hope that’s a good thing.”

After the meal, as we cleaned up, continuous compliments came on the oatmeal. “The best I have ever had!” “It was so good.” “Great job with the oatmeal!” The kitchen crew would smile in amazement and respond with a polite, “Glad you liked it.”

It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if people hadn’t liked it and there was complaining. We would have moved on. But no, God decided to step in and make our job easier by having people enjoy it. There isn’t another explanation. All five people in the kitchen could tell the oatmeal wasn’t that great when we tasted it. It wouldn’t be a great way to start the week with off oatmeal, so He stepped in because He cares about those little things.

The day after that, staff training was over and the families had arrived. It was time for the first meal, and we were rushing to make muffins for dinner. In the rush, mistakes were made. One batch of muffins ended up without baking soda. One only got half the amount of flour. Something happened to batch number three too, though I don’t remember what it was. In the end, only one out of four batches had all the ingredients.

By the time we realized it, it was too late to add the missing things. Once again, we gave it to God and served all the muffins anyway.

They were very good. I think I had five, and non of them appeared malformed. Another little miracle that God did for us.

In the end, it was an amazing week of camp. It is hard to explain the amazing changes we saw these families go through as their children were healed. Therefore, I have a video instead. At the end of the week, the kids sung Arms by Christina Perri for the parents. The lyrics ring so true to what the families have been though. It was so beautiful, and I am blessed to have seen it.



3 thoughts on “Kitchen Miracles

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  2. Wow, it’s so cool how God worked everything out, especially with little things! 😀 I’d love to talk with you sometime and hear more about your time!


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