“Never” Is Coming Soon

I know that title sounds rather odd, but that’s exactly what it means! If you remember my interview with J. Grace Pennington, Grace published her very first novel back in June. Now, I am very happy to announce that her second book, Never, is going to be released on November 23, just three days from now.

Travis Hamilton never expected to be a killer. One day he was studying to become a schoolteacher in the little western town of Spencervale, and the next he was sentenced to ten years hard labor in the Dead Mines outside town — from which few return alive.

Ross Hamilton is no detective. But when his brother is convicted of murder, he has no choice but to abandon his ranch and do all in his power to find out just what happened the night of the killing, and who is really responsible.

Neither brother is prepared to be stretched and tested to his limits and beyond by an adventure that is much bigger than either of them ever imagined.

But in the next few days, they will be. The only way to survive is to never compromise.

Sound intriguing? I think so!

To celebrate this occasion, a blog scavenger hunt is going to take place. From now until 11:59 CST on November 22, you can go from blog to blog to collect some Never triva and a code. At the end of this post, I’ll provide a link to the next blog, and so on and so forth. Anyone who collects all the codes and emails them to Grace at theauthor [AT] jgracepennington [DOT] com will receive two Never themed desktop wallpapers and be entered to win a signed copy of the book! How cool is that?

Before you race on to the next blog in your eagerness to get those wallpapers, here’s some trivia:

While this is Grace’s first historical fiction novel to be completed and published, four out of the eight main novels she started and abandoned when she was younger were historical fiction. The novels were about a family travelling to America from England during the Civil War, a man travelling to the Yukon to look for gold with his fiancée and a guide, a boy living with his family in the Texas Hill Country in the 1870s, and a girl whose father had died, requiring her to live with her spinster aunt.

And here’s the code you need to email along with all the other codes to Grace:


Last but not least, here’s the link to the next blog:




Long-Awaited Victoria Pictures

As I mentioned here, there would be pictures posted from my trip to Victoria, BC. It’s taken me longer than expected to finally get them up, but here we are. This is by no means all of them, just a collection of my favourites.

I present to you my trip to Victoria, in photography.

God bless,

Kitchen Miracles

Once again, I have been gone, which is the lack of posts. This time I was volunteering at RADical Attachment Camp, which is for families with children that have reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Visit the website for more info. These kids find a safe place at the camp where they and their families can heal.

I was blessed to work there as junior staff. I was in the kitchen most of the time, but was still able to see the changes these families went through as they bonded together and were healed.
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A new novel of mine! I’ve learn so much since I was writing True Freedom back in NaNo of 2011. Writing technique is coming slowly to me, and I’m learning about story structure and other things.

So this novel is one I am going to stick with. I am very much a plot-first writing. I don’t do well with not knowing where I am going or how it’s going to end. I ponder my ideas long before I start, and then I set it down to a detailed plan with a specific ending.

This is what I am doing with this novel. If I know where to go, I can finish it.
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An Interview with J. Grace Pennington

Today we have a very speical post! A friend from Holy Worlds, J. Grace Pennington, published her science-fiction book yesterday! How exciting! Firmament: Radialloy is now live.

And today I am lucky enough to introduce Grace for a short interview here on my blog. I hope y’all will make her feel welcome!

Grace, what is the basic premise of Radialloy?

When a starship doctor suffers inexplicable insanity, his bright daughter races against time as multiple factions chase after a valuable secret she holds–that even she doesn’t know about.

Intriguing. I can’t wait to read it!
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The Time Hath Come

For me to write like crazy! 😀

Now, you’re probably wondering what I am talking about. I’m always writing, just not usually at this pace. That’s because Camp NaNoWriMo has started.

Camp NaNo is just like regular NaNoWriMo – a writing program with the goal of 50,000 words in a month. Usually it takes place in November. But there’s this wonderful thing called Camp NaNo. The same thing, only in June and August. Continue reading