A new novel of mine! I’ve learn so much since I was writing True Freedom back in NaNo of 2011. Writing technique is coming slowly to me, and I’m learning about story structure and other things.

So this novel is one I am going to stick with. I am very much a plot-first writing. I don’t do well with not knowing where I am going or how it’s going to end. I ponder my ideas long before I start, and then I set it down to a detailed plan with a specific ending.

This is what I am doing with this novel. If I know where to go, I can finish it.
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The Time Hath Come

For me to write like crazy! 😀

Now, you’re probably wondering what I am talking about. I’m always writing, just not usually at this pace. That’s because Camp NaNoWriMo has started.

Camp NaNo is just like regular NaNoWriMo – a writing program with the goal of 50,000 words in a month. Usually it takes place in November. But there’s this wonderful thing called Camp NaNo. The same thing, only in June and August. Continue reading

Dream of Flying

It looks like you guys are getting two poems in two days. I remembered that I wrote this awhile ago, and didn’t post it. Dream of Flying is the first of my music inspired poetry. I wrote this when I first listened to Brian Crain’s music. What powerful songs. It is more abstract then most of my poems. Anyway, here is it is.

Dream of Flying

I dream of flying way up high,
And soaring through the air and sky.

Reaching out to touch the soft wind,
Forgetting that I ever sinned.

I want to get so far away,
If only that I can just say;

‘Praise the Lord!’ And not be hurled
Back down to this hurt, broken world,

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Through Me

Here is a poem I wrote a little while ago. I hope you enjoy!

Through Me

I wish that I had the words to comfort a million fears,
But I can only do so much, and I cry my own tears.

I need to leave it up to God, put everything in His hand;
If take it on myself, I will scatter like grains of sand.

God must work through me, I can not do it on my own.
I need His strength and comfort when I can only moan.

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Memories of True Freedom

I should have explained this ages ago. I guess I didn’t. 😛 Oh well.

True Freedom is a writing project I have set aside for now. With much headdesking and wanting to pull my hair out, I decided this was best.

Why did I do this? Well, there are several reasons.

1. Major plot issues.
I went into this story hardly knowing where I was going and not knowing very much about story structure. It had more then a few plot issues.
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Who are you writing for?

Here’s a question for all of you writerly-types. When you pick up your pen, or sit down at your computer to keep working on that troublesome story, what is your goal with it? Who are you writing for? Are you writing for a publication? An editor or agent? A certain age group?

This is something I have to remind myself of. Who am I writing for? Who I am I wanting to bring glory to with my stories and words? Am I writing with the hope of being published prove to someone that I can do it? No.
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A Classic Argument With Oneself…

Earlier this evening I had one of those classic arguments with myself in which a few lucky folk in the Holy World’s Chat Room observed.

AzlynRose – *Wants to write more, but should wait*

AzlynRose – *Fingers itch to write more*

AzlynRose – No, No! I should wait! *Writer Az and practical Az argue*

AzlynRose – AHHHH! I want to write moreeeee!

AzlynRose – I should wait until it’s developed more. And finish my other story first.

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